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Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword

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Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword

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This Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword has a high quality EN45 steel blade. It is full size at 38" in height. It has brass fittings. The basket-hilted sword is a development of the 16th century, rising to popularity in the 17th century and remaining in widespread use throughout the 18th century, used especially by heavy cavalry up to the Napoleonic era. One of the earliest basket-hilted swords was recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose, an English warship lost in 1545. Before the find, the earliest positive dating had been two swords from around the time of the English civil war. At first the wire guard was a simple design but as time passed it became increasingly sculpted and ornate. The basket-hilted sword or broadsword was a heavy sword, contrasting with rapier, the light sword worn with civilian dress during the same period. Since the blade of the rapier had become narrow and thrust-oriented, the heavier blades became known as "broadsword".
Blade Material EN45 Steel
Overall Length 97cm
Handle Brass Fittings
Unit Weight 1.89kg

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